Taiji - The Art of Living in Harmony

In this lesson, Tew introduces us to the basic notions guiding the art of Taiji as a way of living in Harmony and maintaining good health, touching on topics such as Form and Formlessness, The Yin and Yang, and the Five elements.

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Taming Anxiety

In this video, Tew teaches some basic practices that, no matter what your unique situation, can be used to deal with the sensation of anxiety. While therapy to intellectually understand the causes may be helpful and medication to help you function can be beneficial, this approach will teach you how to directly access your situation at the energy level. You will gain a deeper understanding of the sensation of anxiety and release the blocks so that healing can happen naturally.

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Pranayama - Your Breath, Your Superpower

Breathing is at the center of all our emotions. When we feel calm and safe our breath is deep and slow, when we are tense or anxious it is shallow and quick. But when we control the way we breathe we can also influence our emotions in the opposite direction. By learning Pranayama's simple techniques of conscious breathing, we are able to counter our fight-or- flight responses that are triggered by the various stressful situations in our day-to-day lives, and we begin to break the underlying patterns of toxic emotions that are associated with them. This has a direct and positive effect on our physical, mental and emotional well being.

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Mindfulness, Your Path to a Happier Life

Mindfulness has many definitions but the one favored by Siri is “the choosing to pay attention with kindness, curiosity and non-judgment in the present moment to whatever is happening — the good, the bad and the ugly.”

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Resilience - How to Bounce Back Stronger than Ever

Resilience is a life skill and skills can be learned.

This course will help you understand how to adapt, thrive and grow from difficult experiences and find a renewed place of strength to help you deal with similar situations in the future.

When you are more stable, it allows others to feel more at ease. You can regulate your emotions better and be with others in beneficial ways and act with more wisdom and compassion.

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How to Sleep Well - An Integrative Approach

Adequate sleep is imperative to your health and well-being. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) has classified Sleep Deprivation as a public health epidemic, noting that most people get seven or fewer hours of sleep every night. This has led to a host of issues such as obesity, heart disease, stroke, and dementia. Getting less than adequate sleep is also associated with bad decision-making and traffic accidents.

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The Lazy Guide to Investing

Complexity bias is our tendency to believe that complex solutions are better than simple ones, that any thing of value has to require a significant amount of effort and knowledge. But investing your money does not have to be complicated, and it definitely does not have to be time consuming.

In “The Lazy Guide to Investing”, Atul Sethi demystifies financial concepts and shows some insanely easy ways of using minimal effort to become a good investor.

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