The Lazy Guide to Investing

Guide - Atul Sethi
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About The Course

“Lethargy bordering on sloth remains the cornerstone of our investment style: This year we neither bought nor sold a share of five of our six major holdings”
- Legendary investor Warren Buffet in his letter to shareholders. 

Complexity bias is our tendency to believe that complex solutions are better than simple ones, that any thing of value has to require a significant amount of effort and knowledge. But investing your money does not have to be complicated, and it definitely does not have to be  time consuming. 

In “The Lazy Guide to Investing”, Atul Sethi demystifies financial concepts and shows some insanely easy ways of using minimal effort to become a good investor.

This course is for people who:

  • Want decent returns without a crazy amount of risk
  • Desire to have a long term sustainable system
  • Believe in slow and steady growth
  • Don’t have the time or patience to go through in-depth research
  • Dislike financial noise and jargon

Course contents:

  • Introduction
  • Setting the Scene
  • Asset Allocation
  • Let’s talk Stocks
  • Don’t forget this at home


Course notes:

Risk Reward Slide 



Investor questionnaire Vanguard


  1. A Random Walk down Wall Street -  Burton G. Malkiel
  2. The Psychology of Money - Morgan Housel

Guide - Atul Sethi

Atul Sethi is an investment professional with more than a decade of investment banking experience based in Bangkok, Thailand.  Atul was formerly with Credit Suisse from 2009 up until mid-2021, where he worked in the Chicago, Singapore and Bangkok offices.

In his most recent role, Atul was a member of the highly ranked Thailand equity research team, where he maintained coverage of the Thai financials sector.  Prior to this, he was part of the bank’s investment banking division and worked on a variety of capital markets and merger and acquisitions (M&A) transactions.  Atul holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Chicago.

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