Taming Anxiety

Guide - Tew Bunnag
5 Classes | Total 00Hr 51Mins

About The Course

Anxiety - That feeling of persistent worry and tension, of being stuck, overwhelmed and drained. Sometimes so extreme as to induce panic, it can also often be chronic, lurking in our background even when things are going well.

In these videos, Tew teaches some basic practices that, no matter what your unique situation, can be used to deal with the sensation of anxiety. While therapy to intellectually understand the causes may be helpful and medication to help you function can be beneficial, this approach will teach you how to directly access your situation at the energy level. You will gain a deeper understanding of the sensation of anxiety and release the blocks so that healing can happen naturally.

This anxiety video course will teach you how to:

  • Use breath and sound to center yourself
  • Connect with your surroundings 
  • Use a simple, soothing massage to calm yourself to sleep
  • Open your heart, body, and mind to increase feelings of spaciousness
  • Coordinate your intention, breath, and movement to facilitate healing

Guide - Tew Bunnag

Tew Bunnag was born in Bangkok in 1947 and educated in the UK.He studied Chinese and Economics at Cambridge University, and has been teaching Taiji and Meditation since 1975 in the UK, USA, France, Switzerland, Greece, Thailand and in Spain where he lives. He was the Founder of the European School of Taiji. He also works in the field of Death and Dying and gives courses and conferences on Spiritual Care at the end of life to both professional health workers as well as family members.
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