Taiji - The Art of Living in Harmony

Guide - Tew Bunnag
4 Classes | Total 00Hr 46Mins

About The Course

In this lesson, Tew introduces us to the basic notions guiding the art of Taiji as a way of living in Harmony and maintaining good health, touching on topics such as Form and Formlessness, The Yin and Yang and the Five elements.

The course is meant to be a foundation for future lessons where there will be detailed guides with emphasis on practices used for healing.

You will learn how to:

  • Manage your Energy better
  • Use Spaciousness to be more Effective
  • Understand Change to maintain Good Health
  • Shield yourself from toxic vibrations

Guide - Tew Bunnag

Tew Bunnag was born in Bangkok in 1947 and educated in the UK.He studied Chinese and Economics at Cambridge University, and has been teaching Taiji and Meditation since 1975 in the UK, USA, France, Switzerland, Greece, Thailand and in Spain where he lives. He was the Founder of the European School of Taiji. He also works in the field of Death and Dying and gives courses and conferences on Spiritual Care at the end of life to both professional health workers as well as family members.
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