Our gift to you in these anxious times

8th April 2020

We are all connected.

And while we at Metta Visions can’t stop the terrible virus that has gripped the world, we can definitely provide you with the tools you need to deal with the toxic fear and anxiety that has followed in its wake.

We have the lessons you need to keep your energy high and your center calm.

We have the tools that can ground you so that you are effective in helping yourself and your loved ones.

And so for the year 2020, we would like to offer you all our courses at a 50% discount.

In Taming Anxiety, you will learn how to:

— Use breath and sound to center yourself

— Connect with your surroundings

— Use a simple, soothing massage to calm yourself to sleep

— Open your heart, body, and mind to increase feelings of spaciousness

— Coordinate your intention, breath, and movement to facilitate healing

Yes, we are all connected
So let us infect each other with more kindness, strength, and calm.

Visit us at mettavisions.com, register, and start implementing the techniques right away!

May you be Healthy
May you be Happy
May you be Peaceful