Don't mind the gap

6th June 2020

How are you?
We are fine.

Well, a bit disoriented and confused, but generally fine. 

Time, playing its latest trick seems to have folded upon itself, immersing us into an ocean of molasses. Yearning for touch, but mindfully keeping a polite distance from one another we dog paddle furiously, straining our eyes into the impenetrable fog that surrounds us, our minds making up wild predictions and analyses based on our best hopes and worst fears. 

Still, we are the lucky ones and hopefully you are too, for there are many who are dealing with this virus at its most dangerous and fatal form.
We pray for their recovery and good health.
As for the rest of us, our Human Starship has suffered unspecified damage from an invisible enemy and has made an emergency stop at an unfamiliar planet in deep space. Our shields are down and there is no one on the bridge. We have woken from our cryogenic slumber and find ourselves in a strange mood -- a side effect of our confusing circumstances and uncertain future.
So how then should we proceed? How do we wrestle back control of our lives?  What actions do we take? 
The Japanese have a word called “Ma” that may be useful in helping us understand this moment.  This concept is used to describe emptiness in space, pause in time, or the space between musical notes. It is the void full of energy, a silence with meaning, a pause in speech that conveys feeling. It is a way of life and we see it in their culture, poetry, paintings, and architecture. 
What we take from this is that clarity of the future is not always necessary. We are back in the womb and we can use this opportunity to nurture intuition, creativity, contemplation, and learning. We can try to understand our lives from perspectives that a few months ago would have seemed ridiculous or impossible. We can try to be still and patient without expectation, love and be generous without needing reciprocity and trust and let go without fear. 
So, our counsel to you at this time is of non-action or Wu Wei.  Not to be confused with no action, non-action means to act naturally and in alignment with “what is”.  We work in harmony with Nature rather than in opposition to it. We put our ego aside and live in a state of interconnectedness. We breathe and try to understand life’s flow so that when we do emerge on the other side, we do so with wisdom, compassion, and positive energy. 
We’re being asked by the forces that be to enjoy this long moment of reflection, uncomfortable and anxiety-filled as it may be. 

For who knows, we may miss it one day.