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Our mission is to guide you towards greater coherence within your mind, body and spirit, so that that you can easily flow towards an Enhanced Existence of Harmony, Health, Happiness and Success.

Allow us to spark your curiosity, kindle your flame and be your light as you discover new paths and fresh perspectives.

We invite you to enjoy our courses, and recognize that your life can be fun and extraordinary and that you can live mindfully, with compassion and joy.


A special message from Metta Visions

We are all connected.

And while we at Metta Visions can’t stop the terrible virus that has gripped the world, we can definitely provide you with the tools you need to deal with the toxic fear and anxiety that has followed in its wake.

We have the lessons you need to keep your energy high and your center calm.

We have the tools that can ground you so that you are effective in helping yourself and your loved ones.

And so for as long as it takes for us to get through this, we would like to offer you all our courses at a 50% discount.

Yes, we are all connected.
So let’s infect each other with more kindness, strength and calm.

  • May you be Healthy
  • May you be Happy
  • May you be Peaceful


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